agricultural bevel gearbox for pivot irrigation system



Pivot center irrigation system gearbox

1.worm shafts are made of 40Cr

2.Bull gear are made of ductile iron

3.thrust bearings on input shaft have highest load rating



Farm Machinery Parts


• worms are presion ground for higher efficiency rating

• high cotact large pitch gear set gives higher torque loads than competition

• continuously coats gears during off-season to reducer interal corrosion and

provide long-wear under extreme use conditions

• it adopts the worm gear and worm shaft to do the transmiting work

• our gearbox quality is equivalent to Durst gearbox and Zimatic gearbox


Product technical parameter:


Torque Capacity 70.000lb–in 7909Nm
Ratio 50:1
Shaft Size 2.25(57mm)
Weight 111.54lbs(50.7kg)
Oil Capacity 3.5L


Model Ratio Shaft size weight Torque
W7824 50:1 2.25″ 50kg 7909Nm
W7786 52:1 2.25″ 53kg 7909Nm
W7967 50:1 2.25″ 55kg 7909Nm

agricultural bevel gearbox for pivot irrigation system