When choosing compressor you have to consider if it can constantly provide desired pressure and level of air. Small airbrush compressors little compressors boast amazing pressure figures but actually poor flow rates adequate only for airbrush pistols. Actually if small compressor can push enough air it will Air Compressor For Laser Cutting likely overheat in couple of minutes.

Our laser cutter was included with small membrane pump (Smallest upon the picture), I do not know very well what specifications it has but blast of air was extremely weak. It is adequate if all you want to accomplish is engrave, although also then we got substantial smoke traces around engraved picture.

it had been rated for volume of ~2.4cfm and had a 1 gallon tank which can be filled to 58 PSI. It managed to give us continuous 1 bar (14 PSI) of pressure, nonetheless it had to run all the time and overheat badly within 5 minutes.

Third and current compressor we got was 6cfm rated belt driven device with 13 gallon tank which is filled to ~100psi. With this unit we are able to run at constant ~2bar (31psi) without concern with overheating since compressor engine is not on at all times. Using reserve atmosphere in tank we can also force up to 3.5bar (50psi) for brief jobs.

The best setup for me will be compressor rated to >6cfm, huge 70+ gallons tank rated to 10bar (140psi) and software air control via solenoid valve.